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    Job Openings
    Database Administrator
  • Responsible for database administration including backup & recovery, data integrity checks, schema/storage management.Analyze operations database and develop reorganization/restructuring plans to increase efficiency of database and system security; monitor database security measures for sensitive product design information for Cloud solutions, network service/communication and data center solutions; implement tracking system to monitor clientele profile changes, industry trends, project orders, and computerized cloud capacity; coordinate changes to databases; monitor testing procedures of database security systems,and ensure prompt management acknowledgment of testing deviations. Bachelor degree in MIS or related plus 1yr related experience.
    Computer Systems Analyst
  • Work with software developers to analyze user’s system requirement, procedures, functional and technical specifications for telecommunication systems; enhances/upgrade existing systems to increase compatibility and operating efficiency; develop and direct software system testing procedures, software integration, programming and documentation; test, implement and monitor software programs and systems and solve product interfacing issues; analyze test data and prepare technical reports. MS in Computer Science/Software Engineering or related + 1yr related experience.
    Sales Manager
  • Provide technical service to customers relating to use, operation and maintenance of our products; conduct demonstrations of product features and functions to customers; provide training of product functions to sales representative and customers; participate in build-up and development high-level product specifications per customer demands; develop prospect lists based on client’s needs; execute pre-determined targets sales to generate maximum profits; report to management on a regular basis concerning general and specific account operations; work with president to pan sales strategies, and coordinate with parent company to promote account. Min. 3yrs exp. In job offered or related. Send resumes to Vocom International Telecommunications, Inc., 921 Lurline Dr., Foster City, CA 94404. Job site: LA, CA.
    Please send resume to: Los Angeles County, California 21700 Copley Dr, Suite 268 Diamond Bar, CA 91765 USA

--> Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles County, California
  • 21700 Copley Dr, Suite 268
  • Diamond Bar, CA 91765 USA
  • Tel: +213-627-8999
  • Fax: +213-627-9919

--> TaiWan Office
  • 20F-1, No.104, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd.,
  • Taipei 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Tel: +886-2-2709-5559
  • Fax: +886-2-27099923

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